Sunday, November 29, 2009

DivaStan Christmas Tree 2009

Isn't it cute??? It's two feet tall, neon pink, sparkly, and just adorable. I dug into my rather measly box of Christmas stuff and found the only string of lights I strand of 100 'Purple Pizzazz' bulbs.

Which look pink when lit.

No ornaments until December by order of Tia, but that's fine by me. Midget was a little too interested in the tree while I was putting on the lights so I think that it will probably be staying on the counter for the season.

A Midget-like Update

Lazy cat.

GAH! The cute...

This was only the fifth or sixth nap of the day.

The mighty hunter...stalking the DVD screen saver.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Have I Mentioned...

...that I'm a Nathan Fillion fan?

Sunday, November 22, 2009


You know how you get a song stuck in your head?

And it's just in there?

And you keep hearing the hook over and over and over??

And you just can't seem to get out of your head?

It just plays on repeat. All. Day. Long.


It would be this song right here.

Yep, exactly that version of that song.

I'd embed the video but then I just sit around and watch it over and over all day and wouldn't be able to get anything done...cause I CAN'T GET THIS OUT OF MY HEAD!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

This Just In

There are only 40 days till the end of the year.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Everybody Neat and Pretty?

...then On With The Show!

You know what boys and girls? I was looking around the blog this morning and I realized that it has been just shy of FOREVER since I offered you a nice, meaty, extra crispy, deep fried, totally satisfying, exceptionally wordy post. You'll just have to find it in your hearts to forgive me. Go on…say you forgive me.

Have you ever noticed how real life has this annoying habit of getting in the way of all the fun things you want to do? That's sort of what's been going on around here.

Now, I can't remember right off the top of my head exactly how much I've told you so if you already know this just hang in there. I was downsized from my job at MegaBank at the end of August. It wasn't that much of a shock since we had sort of seen it coming but still, it is the second job that the failing economy has taken away from me through no fault of my own. This time it wasn't quite as gutting but I was still pretty bummed on my last day.

So I went back to the land of the unemployed. I had plans and goals and what was supposed to be a productive transitional period turned into a huge 'time suck.' Everyone needed or wanted my attention and I spent about a week just running back and forth, doing errands for family and friends. Then came the Labor Day holiday. I was again determined to be productive but Monday and Tuesday of that week seemed to just slip past me. I had been given a lead for another employment agency by the friend of a friend of a friend and shot my resume off via email early Tuesday morning. Imagine my surprise when I was contacted within an hour…by not one, but TWO employment agencies! OldFaithful had an interview lined up for me for later that afternoon, and the NewUpstart was wanting my info and a chance to meet me in person.

Then I headed out on my 'adventure' to find the location of my Tuesday afternoon interview. The building was easy to find, but the suite number I had been given didn't seem to exist. I wandered a little aimlessly, finally pulling out my cell phone and calling my rep in frustration. She told me where to go and which door to knock on…which lead me to a stairway with a coded lock on every single door. That's right kids…I was locked into an internal stairway. Advised to head to an upper floor, I did so…and knock…and was greeted very rudely. I explained who I was and why I was there…and was lead back downstairs (and if you know anything about me and stairs - like my tendency to fall down them - you can understand that I was not amused). I was left standing in an unfamiliar corridor staring at several more heavy doors with coded locks. And I stood there. Staring at the doors. Waiting.

And waiting.

And waiting.

And growing more and more frustrated and upset and angry and determined that I wouldn't take the job if they offered it to me! D@MN IT!

I was finally rescued from the corner of solitude by a very apologetic supervisor who ushered me into the office. So I sat…and interviewed…and was just me on an interview…and weirdly enough it was one of the best interviews I've ever had. I was just totally comfortable and 100% myself. I was determined to not be phased by the situation, at least not then. (And that, folks, is a BIG step for me.)

Once finished I headed back to DivaStan, shucked off the interview outfit, climbed back into my pajamas and settled down for an afternoon of brainless television and cross stitch (what? I was unemployed! Don't expect me to do anything worthwhile!). As I was drifting off into a late afternoon haze and seriously contemplating the benefits of a nap, my cell phone rang. It was my rep from the OldFaithful employment agency. I had been offered the job.

Now, it wasn't a great offer. The pay was beans, but there was the promise of a slight raise when and if I went perm…and there were some monetary perks included in the package. And I needed a job. The rent had emptied my bank account and I had other bills lined up on the horizon that were looming ever nearer.

So I took the job.

We Interupt Your Regularly Scheduled Blog...

...for a full on FanGrrl moment.


The co-workers and I have tickets to the 7:15 show!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


These are the books I want to have finished by the end of the year...well, that's most of them anyway. So yeah...I'm a little behind...

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday with the DivaGodDaughter

You's just too bad that she and I don't get along.

Saturdays are for Birthdays

This is my friend Addison. She turned one recently, and in honor of the event her mommy, my friend Aimee, threw her a party on Saturday at the Bethlehem City Park.

Since there is no such thing as 'dignity' when you're one, little Addy got stripped down to her Pampers for the traditional 'baby shoves her face in the cake' moment.

Oh, and the cutie pie in the background is Logan, the son of another friend.

Here's Addison's mommy stepping in to help prevent yet another attempt at 'full on birthday cake turn over.'

Now, ask me if Addison is spoiled, pampered, and adored by everyone who meets her?

Cause the answer to that one would be 'DUH'!

Happy First Birthday, Addison! May you have many, many, many more!

A Friday Adventure

So, I have this 'job' thing that I go to five days a week. And I happen to have fallen in with a group of rather 'wacky' co-workers, who make that 'job' thing quite entertaining.

A while back, one of our very happy customers gave us a very generous gift...of some serious cash. After much debate and planning, we decided on an evening out together at Medieval Times. So on Friday after work we piled into our cars and headed toward ATL.

We were instructed to meet by the stone lions outside the front gate.

This place is totally 'themed' out! Even the 'little Maiden's room' is decorated like a castle!

And the drinking starts!

That would be the boss lady, with her 'adult beverage' of choice.

That's Astra (a.k.a. the White Rabbit) and her husband, also enjoying an 'adult beverage.'

That would be Adam, our token guy, in a blinking jester hat that he swore was actually 'for his daughters'...right.

Shannon (formerly of Tweedle Dee fame) enjoying her industrial sized pink lemonade...with just a dash of Grey Goose.

Erin heckled this poor guy, but he took it in stride!

Down one side of our table...hey look! It's Laura (a.k.a. Alice)!

Down the other side of our I manage to get a single picture that doesn't have an over-sized container of alcohol in it?

Our knight, the red and yellow one. He fought valiantly...but lost.

Hey! It's a horse! A blurry horse...remember that bit about 'adult beverages'? Yeah...

The red knight (Shannon's favorite) charging down the arena...and oh look, that would be Shannon's gigantic drink in the right hand corner.

The long and short of it is that a ridiculously, fantastically, outstandingly amazing time was had by all. We ate, we drank, we screamed ourselves hoarse...and oh look! That would be another massive glass of booze!

So...have you asked yourself "Do these people actually get any work done" yet??

Monday, November 9, 2009

For the Weird German Girl

It was twenty years ago, today.

For my dear friend Kati, and all those who experienced life with the Wall.

May freedom forever unite us all.