Thursday, April 3, 2014

Typical Wednesday Morning Misadventure

So…yesterday I survived the “Scariest Sneeze in the History of the World.” 


Stop laughing!  I could have died!! 

My commute to and from the office involves both heavily trafficked main drags and a few curvy back roads.  One particular stretch of curvy back road includes a slightly narrow bridge which, when crossed in tandem with an oversized pickup truck or SUV, can be a bit harrowing.  

Yesterday morning I was tooling along, one hand on the steering wheel, the other wrapped around my coffee, when I realized that I was going to sneeze.  

Now, a sneeze isn’t a big deal…but when you are behind the wheel of your car a sneeze becomes a little bit more perilous.  

I also happened to be approaching the narrow bridge…and noticed that a massively oversized pickup truck was coming toward me in the other lane. 

And I sneezed. 

And in that fraction of a millisecond as your eyes close when sneezing something else happened that made this moment even more concerning…
Bambi’s mom darted across the road right in front of my car and the oncoming pickup truck!! 
Sneeze over I jerked my eyes open to find that: 
Bambi’s mom would live to graze another day 
Gargantuan pickup truck had passed me without issue 
I was still in my lane and moving at speed 
But most importantly…I hadn’t spilled my coffee.
- HistoryDiva