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Because it is a rainy day...


Gently falling rain, falling from the sky,
Streaming down like tear-drops, tear-drops from on high.

Clouds, oh won't you tell us what those tears are for?
Do you weep for something, something we've ignored?

Could it be that from your lofty post so high above
You have seen how little we have given of our love?

Do you see the lonely, weary, troubled and the poor?
Have you seen the fighting and the war?

Clouds, there must be some way to make your crying cease.
Share with us the secret of happiness and peace.

Do you mean to say that each of us can play a part?
With each spark of love we light, a flame of love may start.
Reaching all around us, giving hope to those we know;
This, you say, will help true peace to grow?

Clouds, though you are parting, your point you've made quite clear.
Peace will never happen unless we start it here.

- Cynthia Gray
I remember singing this at some point in my school choir 'career'
...and it came to mind today.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Cute

I'm gonna call him Cecil.

iStitch - A Finish

Nora Corbett Pixie Couture Collection - Peony.
DMC on 32ct. Antique Lace Linen.
Framed with Azalea and White Linen mats.

A Valuable Life Lesson from Midget


Don't play inside the entertainment center unless Momma and/or Aunt Tia know that you're doing it.

Catnip: The Gateway Drug


At this point I picked up the shoe to put it he left.

And then I dropped the shoe...

"Looketh at my face..."

"Ist this a bovveréd face thou seest before thee?"

10 points if you know what I'm quoting here...